Monday, November 17, 2008


You really must check out this link.

Then choose, Listen to Sample Snippet: "Making Time".  Her voice is soothing and friendly...makes me wanna scrap!!  I have been listening to Lain's podcasts for over a year and find her informative and entertaining.  I love to listen to her essays!  I'm hoping that her 50th aniversary podcast will be a celebration of her book, "Snippets".

Makin' a List...

Do you ever make a list of projects to finish or even begin then discover that you've done something that wasn't on the list so you writie it down just so you can cross it off?  I do.  Here are a couple of my many lists which include sketches and ideas swimming around in my head.  I wish I had more time to do the things I WANT to do!  i have household lists of things i HAVE to do too!  ugh!

 scan0006listThese are lists that I have made prior to "crops" so that I can have a plan before I go and help me to gather my supplies for these layouts.