Thursday, July 29, 2010

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

About a month ago, we ventured into the Orthodontist office as we often do with two girls in braces....however, this may have been C's lucky day...bye, bye braces. Anyway....I had taken a photo box into the office with me in search for some older Halloween photos of the kids. Now, T. he hates to wait....he is a mover and a shaker and just plain doesn't sit still, he's a boy, need I really say more? However, this day of waiting was different for the two of us. We had a wonderful time looking through the various envelopes of photos many of which were from his birth and early toddler days....when I was printing doubles and triples of my 35 mm film. (I heard you giggle!) Stories were told and we spent quality time together! Before we knew it, it was time to go on to the next appointment or was it home for them....I know I had an appointment at the scrapbook store downtown (that's why I was looking for photos.)

So the moral of the story is....when you know you will need to wait take a digi album with you, a mini scrapbook or pull a photo box from the archives and spend time telling stories to your kids....time flies when you're looking at photos!

Juicy Sweet!

Created at a weekend crop July 16-17-18!


Looking forward to the next one!

The Reigning Laquer Queen!

Cheryl claimed the throne a couple months ago....I tried the Glassy Accents for the first time on this baby layout. The little accents were worth the extra time investment! I now reign as the current Queen cuz' that's a lot of 'lacquer'!

New Ts!!

I love T-shirts! These were on a super duper sale!

School of Life albums?

School portraits from this past school year. I completed this at a crop in Ogallala a week ago. Maybe I have already been completing School of Life albums without even knowing it?!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Picture Summer Day 10

I want to remember this......

Have I told you that I HATE glitter!

This layout just reaffirmed for me that glitter in not on my faves list. In fact, I hate it. I love teaching preschoolers but why is it that at least once a week their art project requires the use of glitter? It's like a science experiment gone bad when the bottle explodes all over the project and them and me and the room....the stuff never goes away. I want to call in sick on the days I look at the lesson plan and see that glitter is on it! I think preschool classrooms should come with bright yellow warning signs "CAUTION Glitter in Use!"

So why, I ask myself would I purchase embellishments and letter stickers that are primarily made up of glitter....a) they can add the right touch of elegance to a special layout and b) well, there is no I guess that's why I buy them occasionally and RARELY use them. I do, however like how this turned out (despite the fact that the glitter will be all over the inside of the page protector and one day very soon, be falling to the bottom of it! ugh!)

Little Rabbit Foo-Foo

Little Rabbit Foo-Foo I don't wanna see you scrappin' any pages til you put these away!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"R" Scrapbook Store

Ooooo...I'd love to spend a day, or two, maybe a week scrappin' in this store! Great selections on so many many things I do not need but picked up a few things I couldn't resist knowing I would actually use them. They have so much and yet not the few things I was really looking for.

This store is in Sioux Falls, SD!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dollar Spot at Target!

I found these goodies in the Dollar Spot at Target! I was inspired to use the pink ones with the girls "Pink Out" pages from football season and thought the aqua themed ones made me think of the Green Stack from DCWV....loads of potential.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Halloween 2005

Halloween 2005
Originally uploaded by Miss_Niki
This is what I created today! Used a new ek success slim profile punch called photo labels to create the patterened! This page is 6x8 and will go into a mini chipboard album featuring the kids in their costumes! I hope to hunt down pictures of my sisters and I in our costumes and make another one about me!

Picture Summer Day 9

The shape of things.

Picture Summer Day 7

Notice something that others may not see.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Picture Summer Day 6

Wide Open Spaces

Picture Summer Day 5

Picture Summer: Day 4

We spent the evening at Troy and Janisha's. Here Dawson is learning the value in moving away quickly!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Picture Summer Day 2

Today the prompt was to capture something that makes a splash. I was bummed thinking I certainly wouldn't get an pool pictures today with no kids in sight (went scrappin'). So I thought I'd have to be creative with something...stage a water balloon blowing up session or a water gun fight or perhaps, my lone glass of iced tea.
Fortunately, the forecast was for rain and I was able to capture some rain scenes. Now I need to chose which one to upload to BPS????

Picture Summer Day 1

Picture Summer is a photo class offered at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Today we were to photograph something that means summer to you. I really wanted to take a picture of my feet in my flip flops because I really love that about summer....but I need a pedicure ...BAD! So I stepped outside and captured these flowers by the house. I really like how the lone red one was in the middle of the white cluster!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Create something colorful each day!

Oh, these little things make me so happy! Fun colors! You Tube has been a fun resource this summer for researching how to create things!

The Need to Create!

This was project I have been planning for a long time and finally on Monday purchased the right material to complete it! Flannel on one side and fleece on the other. A little bit of sewing was needed to make the tied edges work. I LOVE the pretty!