Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Have I told you that I HATE glitter!

This layout just reaffirmed for me that glitter in not on my faves list. In fact, I hate it. I love teaching preschoolers but why is it that at least once a week their art project requires the use of glitter? It's like a science experiment gone bad when the bottle explodes all over the project and them and me and the room....the stuff never goes away. I want to call in sick on the days I look at the lesson plan and see that glitter is on it! I think preschool classrooms should come with bright yellow warning signs "CAUTION Glitter in Use!"

So why, I ask myself would I purchase embellishments and letter stickers that are primarily made up of glitter....a) they can add the right touch of elegance to a special layout and b) well, there is no I guess that's why I buy them occasionally and RARELY use them. I do, however like how this turned out (despite the fact that the glitter will be all over the inside of the page protector and one day very soon, be falling to the bottom of it! ugh!)

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