Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Project....

It's almost complete....needs a few more words, a January photo from 2009, a layout design for November, a wallet sized page protector and a bright red business size envelope.
Okay, so it needs a little more work but I am so happy with what I accomplished this weekend. Can't wait to share it with you!


It's interesting how somethings just fall into place.

1. Today at The Big Idea Festival (@ BPS), the challenge is to create layout focused on the prompt, "I Laugh..."
2. Yesterday at Elle's Studio there was a cute layout about the "giggles" and how she (Marcy Penner) enjoys scrapbooking the "moments".
3. I added another blog to my list of must reads when I stumbled upon the August Challenge at (she's the president of Adornit). You'll never guess what it's about...."Everyday Giggles"!!
4. I was supposed to take a "giggle" photo during the July's Picture Summer class...I didn't get one but today I got several of our very own "giggle box". She was wearing a deep aqua colored shirt.
5. This evening, I was searching for a deep red scrap in my scrapbook stash and found these three papers PERFECTLY layered together....I"m sure they are the PERFECT colors to go with my PERFECT photos for the challenge at BPS, Elle's Studio and ListEn iN!

It almost gives me the GIGGLES!
*** I have fully intended to create a layout about A. and her "giggles". I have a T-shirt design in mind for her and based on the signs that I have been sent the past two days....I am definately suppose to create and document my story about A. as our giggle box. I'll share it with you here! ***

Monday, August 2, 2010

I have had this layout in my idea folder for a very long time! I finally got myself organized enough to create it. I will have to hunt for the name of whom I should credit for the layout design and title. I suspect I found it a 2 stay tuned!