Monday, January 30, 2012

Sports Addict?

I had many sports photos gathered and decided that Saturday was the day to tackle them...not difficult to scrap but not really very exciting either. However, I had a productive day. I had taken a couple of previous complete sports layouts with me to use as samples....not much you can do with the same sets 1 horizonal 5x7 and 1 vertical 4x6. The previously completed layouts were ones I liked ... alot so why reinvent the wheel? It's a different kid and different sports, they won't be together in an album, maybe not even the same kid's album ... so why not? I was able to get a "start" on 9 pages or 6 layouts~ now they go into the Friday's Finish Line pile! ha!

Here's a sneak peek:
2 baseball, 2 volleyball, 1 basketball and 1 soccer!

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