Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photographing a Rainbow

For the class Inspiration Defined, Elizabeth asked us to photograph a rainbow...I'd love to's the middle of winter and it's ugly. I've looked around for bright spots of color but they just aren't the same without their naturally green surroundings and bright blue skies. So I decided to flip through my photos to see what inspiration I could find there. Here's what I learned.... I have an abundance of red! It's my favorite color, may delicious foods are red and it's the color of the Huskers!

For orange...I have this great photo of the top of a pumpkin, stem and all but I can not find it so I found this one as a second favorite!

This is what I found for yellow...Bachelor Buttons! I did not have much to chose from so I was pleased with this find!

Green...not inspired by this color really at all but here's a favorite photo. I do not find myself using many greens in my scrapbooking choices. I thing that's because there are so many different tones to green that they either look gray or yellow to me. Garden green is one of my favorite cardstock colors that can be found at Pebbles in My Pocket.

Blue. Evidently I am not very inspired by this color either although I did not realize it. As I think about my layouts, I do not choose this color often either. So in my search for something blue I found this... let me hear an "awww, how cute!" from the croud!

Violet, better known as purple, was a tough one to find many photos to choose from but I knew which photo I could find immediately. Here it is! The gift shop at Hazel's Pumpkin Patch in Lodgepoole, NE. Too cute too spook...that's for sure!

So there it is, my RAINBOW!

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