Wednesday, February 29, 2012


LOAD29 by Miss_Niki
LOAD29, a photo by Miss_Niki on Flickr.

That's it! 29 days have come and gone. This time was by far the easiest LOAD yet. I believe that the reason Lain E. created this challenge has really sunk in for me...yes, you can let go of the pressure that it has to be perfect and all matchy-matchy. You can create a layout a day and do it quickly; most were created start to finish in less than an hour. I was happy with most of the layouts I created....but this one, well, the letters will have to go! Not sure what I will replace them with...definately something. The colors and the photos are just too perfect to be paired with those letter stickers. So, I will need to complete another LOAD in the near seems that I'm not quite cured yet...perfectionism wins tonight.

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