Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 21 - LOAD 211

Day 21 - LOAD 211
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I think I may have already said this somewhere so forgive me for being a broken record....but seriously, why does my dear hubby insist on updating this house this month?!?!? Does he not know that LOAD is going on? Does he not know that I work all day? Taxi children and serve as their ATM well into the evening, cook supper, fold laundry, watch WWE and create a layout too? When would I possibly have time to vacuum behind all the furniture and vac the blinds too, take apart a monster of a computer desk and above all....I MUST scan and upload a layout (if I get one created) tonight. Did I mention we took apart a computer desk and moved it out of the house....which left me with a computer & scanner/printer in a heap on a different desk in a different room?

This will be worth it, I know it has to be!!

So here is what I was able to throw together in a flash tonight. Thank you to Lain for the prompt today, without it I'd be in a puddle on the floor crying because I would have no idea what to do surrounded by a disassembled house and my scrapbook stuff even more scattered and unorganized than it was before.

Callgon anyone? Then I'd have to clean the tub again....I'll settle for a glass of wine....again!

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