Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 22 - LOAD 211

Day 22 - LOAD 211
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I had a near panic attack this evening. I was starting to feel stuck....I thumbed through a few envelopes of photos, debated about working on a page in the December Daily and thought about adding a page to make a double page layout to one I'd already completed this week but the inspiration just wasn't there. So as I felt the panic rise in my throat, I made a conscious decision not to let that feeling overcome me so I quickly decided to create something using these volleyball photos which have been in the depths of Courtney's room for two years....I had never seen them before but knew that I had paid for them!

As I said in the flickr gallery....I am disappointed in the scan because the flower here is Doodlebug bubblegum bright pink!

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S said...

Great volleyball page, I may have lift this one. Nicely done.