Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 28 - LOAD 211

Day 28 - LOAD 211
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This is it. The last day of February. The end of LOAD for 211. It makes me sad. So sad....I plan to make another layout tomorrow. I don't really want it to end....although I do want February to end and March and April and May. June and July can linger on and on and on.....

This is the left half of the page completed on Day 26. Not sure if I really like the paper lion...I was hoping I'd love it....maybe in the morning.

I love LOAD and I'm not "lion"!!!

Thanks everyone for taking the journey with me....I have enjoyed it!

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S said...

Great paper piecing on the lion - it really makes your layout complete - although it's the pictures that really shine. Well done.